As part of Dominic’s Designated Driver’s focus on community outreach, we are attempting to get students and other young adults more involved in helping to spread our message of personal responsibility and accountability. At San Joaquin Delta College, several students have written phenomenal essays about the effects of alcohol on all aspects of life: from DUIs to family interactions, these essays cover the physical and emotional impact that alcohol can have on an individual and those around them. If you are interested in posting your essay to our website, please contact us for more information.


Every Fifteen Minutes

By Julius Durham

The Day I Became a Statistic

By Bernardo Zavalza

Hard Hitting Topic

By Breanna Hildebrand

Effects Alcoholics Have on Children

By Alyssa Meza

Turning Point

by Allison Sudderth

Totally Preventable

by Ashley Dahlstrom

How to Reduce Drunk Driving

by Maryam Sayed Jamaluddin

Don’t Drink & Drive

by An Ly

My Friend Jessica

by Kassandra Navarro